Structural annotation

List of all annotated regions including all CDS, RFAM predictions and newly identified RNA elements. The list can be explored by locustag, gene name, annotation and can be sorted and filtered by genomic position, feature type, clusters of co-expressed genes.
Newly identified RNA elements are classified according to their structural relationship with neighboring genes (see figure 1). Genome annotation was retrieved from the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA accession number LT670843; Rochat et al, 2017).
  • [5prime] = 5’ transcribed region
  • [intra] = transcribed region lying between two genes, part of a polycistronic mRNA
  • [3prime] = 3’ untranslated region
  • [3prime-PT] = 3’ transcribed region resulting from partial termination of transcription (segment located downstream a 3prime region and an intrinsic terminator)
  • [indep] = region transcribed independently of previously annotated features

Locus Tag Name (v2) Feature type Location Clusters Expression Annotation Chromosome order Clusters order
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THC0290_0001 THC0290_v2_0001 rnrCDS 554:2728 + A1753 B546 C143 Ribonuclease R13345
THC0290_0002 THC0290_v2_0002 CDS 2737:3408 + A1227 B418 C125 Protein of unknown function precursor22299
THC0290_N_0001 intra 3409:3490 + A1552 B523 C143 new transcription segment32810
THC0290_0003 THC0290_v2_0003 CDS 3517:4200 + A1227 B418 C125 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function42300
THC0290_N_0004 3prime-PT 4241:4559 + A1245 B419 C125 new transcription segment52351
THC0290_tRNA_0001 tRNA 4244:4317 - A1769 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Cys63789
THC0290_N_0005 5prime 4330:4421 - A1325 B458 C133 new transcription segment72471
THC0290_0004 THC0290_v2_0004 folBCDS 4422:4781 - A1762 B546 C143 Dihydroneopterin aldolase83414
THC0290_0005 THC0290_v2_0005 glnSCDS 4885:6972 + A646 B183 C44 Glutamine--tRNA ligase91405
THC0290_N_0006 Rfp1indep 5284:5631 - A1248 B419 C125 new transcription segment102357
THC0290_0006 THC0290_v2_0006 CDS 7285:7614 + A1751 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein precursor113336
THC0290_0007 THC0290_v2_0007 CDS 7614:7964 + A1768 B546 C143 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function123719
THC0290_0008 THC0290_v2_0008 CDS 7968:8222 + A1768 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function133720
THC0290_N_0007 3prime 8197:8243 - A1309 B448 C131 new transcription segment142451
THC0290_N_0008 3prime-PT 8228:8499 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment153687
THC0290_0009 THC0290_v2_0009 CDS 8244:9227 - A1710 B546 C143 Band 7 family protein163142
THC0290_N_0009 intra 9251:9388 - A802 B244 C67 new transcription segment171697
THC0290_0010 THC0290_v2_0010 gltXCDS 9389:10894 - A804 B244 C67 Glutamate--tRNA ligase181699
THC0290_N_0010 Rfp2indep 10630:10929 + A1248 B419 C125 new transcription segment192358
THC0290_0011 THC0290_v2_0011 CDS 11189:14521 + A1212 B415 C124 Putative chromosome segregation ATPase202274
THC0290_0012 THC0290_v2_0012 (ybeY)CDS 14514:14936 + A1212 B415 C124 Endoribonuclease YbeY212275
THC0290_N_0011 5prime 14969:15146 + A1212 B415 C124 new transcription segment222276
THC0290_0013 THC0290_v2_0013 gidACDS 15147:17018 + A409 B155 C43 tRNA uridine 5-carboxymethylaminomethyl modification enzyme GidA23523
THC0290_N_0012 3prime 17019:17181 + A409 B155 C43 new transcription segment24524
THC0290_0014 THC0290_v2_0014 CDS 17182:18030 + A646 B183 C44 Probable SAM-dependent methyltransferase251408
THC0290_N_0013 3prime 18031:18294 + A646 B183 C44 new transcription segment261409
THC0290_0015 THC0290_v2_0015 CDS 18295:18858 + A600 B183 C44 Probable outer membrane lipoprotein precursor, OmpH family271054
THC0290_N_0014 5prime 18906:19034 + A361 B138 C39 new transcription segment28462
THC0290_0016 THC0290_v2_0016 CDS 19035:21308 + A741 B213 C56 Probable helicase291615
THC0290_N_0015 3prime 21309:21961 + A1822 B558 C145 new transcription segment303915
THC0290_N_0016 3prime 21441:22155 - A731 B210 C55 new transcription segment311600
THC0290_0017 THC0290_v2_0018 CDS 22156:22707 - A733 B210 C55 Protein of unknown function321602
THC0290_N_0017 intra 22708:22762 - A733 B210 C55 new transcription segment331604
THC0290_0018 THC0290_v2_0019 CDS 22763:23272 - A733 B210 C55 Probable cAMP-binding protein341603
THC0290_0019 THC0290_v2_0020 CDS 23309:23692 - A732 B210 C55 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function351601
THC0290_0020 THC0290_v2_0021 holBCDS 23822:24970 - A1567 B528 C143 Probable DNA polymerase III, delta prime subunit362835
THC0290_N_0018 5prime 24970:25238 + A1723 B546 C143 new transcription segment373181
THC0290_N_0019 5prime 25240:25332 + A1244 B419 C125 new transcription segment382342
THC0290_N_0020 5prime 25333:25398 + A1254 B420 C125 new transcription segment392378
THC0290_0021 THC0290_v2_0022 remFCDS 25399:25836 + A1257 B421 C125 Gliding motility protein RemF precursor402385
THC0290_0022 THC0290_v2_0023 remGCDS 25871:27163 + A1257 B421 C125 Gliding motility protein RemG precursor412386
THC0290_N_0021 intra 27164:27223 + A1256 B421 C125 new transcription segment422382
THC0290_N_0022 intra 27224:27295 + A1256 B421 C125 new transcription segment432383
THC0290_0023 THC0290_v2_0024 sprCCDS 27296:28729 + A1256 B421 C125 Putative adhesin precursor SprC442381
THC0290_0024 THC0290_v2_0025 sprDCDS 28731:32459 + A1256 B421 C125 Putative cell surface protein precursor SprD452380
THC0290_N_0023 3prime 32460:32570 + A1747 B546 C143 new transcription segment463264
THC0290_0025 THC0290_v2_0026 sprBCDS 32571:43136 + A242 B86 C26 Putative adhesin precursor SprB (modular protein)47315
THC0290_N_0024 intra 43137:43182 + A744 B215 C56 new transcription segment481618
THC0290_0026 THC0290_v2_0027 sprFCDS 43183:44154 + A242 B86 C26 Putative cell surface protein precursor SprF49316
THC0290_N_0025 intra 44155:44282 + A245 B87 C26 new transcription segment50320
THC0290_0027 THC0290_v2_0028 pgkCDS 44283:45470 + A655 B184 C45 Phosphoglycerate kinase511426
THC0290_N_0026 intra 45471:45575 + A655 B184 C45 new transcription segment521427
THC0290_0028 THC0290_v2_0029 mltDCDS 45576:47672 + A654 B184 C45 Membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase D precursor531425
THC0290_N_0027 3prime 47673:47728 + A1320 B455 C133 new transcription segment542466
THC0290_0029 THC0290_v2_0030 elaACDS 47729:48178 + A1768 B546 C143 ElaA protein553677
THC0290_0030 THC0290_v2_0031 CDS 48175:48993 - A1757 B546 C143 Probable outer membrane protein precursor, OmpA family563362
THC0290_N_0028 3prime 48179:48337 + A1817 B557 C145 new transcription segment573908
THC0290_N_0029 Rfp3indep 49141:49425 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment583650
THC0290_N_0030 5prime 49569:49619 + A1713 B546 C143 new transcription segment593152
THC0290_0031 THC0290_v2_0032 yceACDS 49620:50978 + A1713 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function YceA603151
THC0290_N_0031 5prime 51080:51148 + A1543 B522 C143 new transcription segment612786
THC0290_0032 THC0290_v2_0033 fjo17CDS 51149:52540 + A443 B166 C44 Protein of unknown function Fjo1762571
THC0290_0033 THC0290_v2_0034 gldHCDS 52515:53027 + A595 B183 C44 Gliding motility lipoprotein precursor GldH63967
THC0290_0034 THC0290_v2_0035 mrcACDS 53033:55357 + A231 B83 C25 Penicillin-binding protein 1A64302
THC0290_N_0032 intra 55358:55525 + A231 B83 C25 new transcription segment65303
THC0290_flavo-1_0001 misc_RNA 55370:55451 - A1328 B460 C133 Flavo-1 RNA662474
THC0290_0035 THC0290_v2_0036 atoDCDS 55526:56224 + A605 B183 C44 3-oxoacid CoA-transferase subunit A family protein AtoD671236
THC0290_0036 THC0290_v2_0037 CDS 56236:59862 + A618 B183 C44 Probable type I endonuclease-methyltransferase fusion protein681323
THC0290_0037 THC0290_v2_0038 atoACDS 59864:60520 + A618 B183 C44 3-oxoacid CoA-transferase subunit B family protein AtoA691322
THC0290_N_0033 3prime 60521:60568 + A691 B195 C50 new transcription segment701497
THC0290_N_0034 3prime 60627:61113 - A136 B54 C18 new transcription segment71173
THC0290_0038 THC0290_v2_0039 CDS 61114:62553 - A1797 B550 C143 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function723884
THC0290_N_0035 3prime 62567:62668 - A722 B206 C54 new transcription segment731577
THC0290_0039 THC0290_v2_0040 CDS 62669:63382 - A1799 B551 C143 Protein of unknown function743886
THC0290_N_0036 5prime 63383:63435 - A1798 B551 C143 new transcription segment753885
THC0290_0040 THC0290_v2_0041 ogt1CDS 63488:63958 - A1021 B328 C90 Methylated-DNA--[protein]-cysteine S-methyltransferase761976
THC0290_N_0037 Rfp4indep 64013:64179 - A699 B199 C52 new transcription segment771517
THC0290_0041 THC0290_v2_0042 CDS 64242:64637 - A700 B199 C52 Cytochrome c551/c552 family protein781523
THC0290_N_0038 intra 64654:64878 - A601 B183 C44 new transcription segment791126
THC0290_0042 THC0290_v2_0043 hemBCDS 64879:65871 - A588 B183 C44 Porphobilinogen synthase80930
THC0290_0043 THC0290_v2_0044 CDS 65876:66910 - A588 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function81928
THC0290_0044 THC0290_v2_0045 hemFCDS 66918:67820 - A588 B183 C44 Coproporphyrinogen oxidase82929
THC0290_0045 THC0290_v2_0046 CDS 67822:68385 - A588 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function precursor83927
THC0290_0046 THC0290_v2_0047 CDS 68389:68934 - A588 B183 C44 Probable ribosomal-protein-amino-adic N-acetyltransferase84933
THC0290_0047 THC0290_v2_0048 CDS 68944:69930 - A588 B183 C44 Hypothetical lipoprotein precursor85934
THC0290_N_0039 Rfp5indep 69429:69507 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment863616
THC0290_0048 THC0290_v2_0049 hemECDS 69952:70974 - A588 B183 C44 Uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase87931
THC0290_N_0040 intra 70975:71053 - A588 B183 C44 new transcription segment88926
THC0290_0049 THC0290_v2_0050 hemDCDS 71054:71716 - A588 B183 C44 Uroporphyrinogen-III synthase89932
THC0290_0050 THC0290_v2_0051 hemCCDS 71716:72642 - A110 B46 C16 Hydroxymethylbilane synthase90139
THC0290_N_0041 intra 72643:72710 - A111 B46 C16 new transcription segment91141
THC0290_0051 THC0290_v2_0052 hemACDS 72711:73952 - A111 B46 C16 Glutamyl-tRNA reductase92140
THC0290_N_0042 5prime 74099:74180 + A1709 B546 C143 new transcription segment933139
THC0290_0052 THC0290_v2_0053 CDS 74181:75047 + A1712 B546 C143 Probable transcriptional regulator, AraC family943150
THC0290_0053 THC0290_v2_0054 hemHCDS 75051:76070 + A1096 B368 C108 Ferrochelatase952117
THC0290_0054 THC0290_v2_0055 (hemJ)CDS 76103:76645 + A1097 B368 C108 Protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase962118
THC0290_0055 THC0290_v2_0056 CDS 76646:78121 + A1094 B368 C108 Two-component system sensor histidine kinase972115
THC0290_0056 THC0290_v2_0057 crtCDS 78125:78907 + A1095 B368 C108 Probable 3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA dehydratase982116
THC0290_N_0043 3prime 78654:78915 - A1648 B540 C143 new transcription segment993006
THC0290_N_0044 3prime 78908:78989 + A177 B64 C20 new transcription segment100221
THC0290_0057 THC0290_v2_0058 CDS 78916:79563 - A918 B285 C78 Probable hydrolase1011851
THC0290_N_0045 3prime-PT 78990:79546 + A209 B77 C25 new transcription segment102268
THC0290_N_0046 intra 79564:79634 - A918 B285 C78 new transcription segment1031852
THC0290_0058 THC0290_v2_0059 CDS 79635:80624 - A941 B297 C82 Putative acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase1041878
THC0290_0059 THC0290_v2_0060 plsCCDS 80660:81394 - A941 B297 C82 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase1051879
THC0290_N_0047 3prime 81395:81474 - A941 B297 C82 new transcription segment1061880
THC0290_0060 THC0290_v2_0061 yqiWCDS 81475:81885 - A1768 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function YqiW1073611
THC0290_N_0048 intra 81912:82047 - A629 B183 C44 new transcription segment1081357
THC0290_0061 THC0290_v2_0062 CDS 82048:82737 - A629 B183 C44 Hydrolase, haloacid dehalogenase family protein1091356
THC0290_N_0049 intra 82738:82791 - A451 B168 C44 new transcription segment110583
THC0290_0062 THC0290_v2_0063 metGCDS 82792:84852 - A587 B183 C44 Methionine--tRNA ligase111921
THC0290_flavo-1_0002 misc_RNA 84933:85012 - A1765 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA1123483
THC0290_0063 THC0290_v2_0064 CDS 85173:85406 + A1768 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein1133648
THC0290_0064 THC0290_v2_0065 CDS 85412:86431 + A1302 B443 C129 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function1142444
THC0290_0065 THC0290_v2_0066 CDS 86458:87414 + A999 B318 C86 Putative carboxypeptidase1151954
THC0290_N_0050 intra 87415:87513 + A1824 B558 C145 new transcription segment1163917
THC0290_0066 THC0290_v2_0067 CDS 87514:87873 + A125 B52 C18 Protein of unknown function117158
THC0290_0067 THC0290_v2_0068 tasCDS 87874:88914 - A510 B179 C44 Oxidoreductase Tas, aldo/keto reductase family118681
THC0290_N_0051 3prime 87874:88509 + A130 B53 C18 new transcription segment119163
THC0290_0068 THC0290_v2_0069 CDS 89048:90010 - A446 B166 C44 Flagellar motor/Chemotaxis (MotB)-related lipoprotein precursor120575
THC0290_N_0053 intra 90011:90080 - A446 B166 C44 new transcription segment121576
THC0290_0069 THC0290_v2_0070 xthCDS 90081:90842 - A605 B183 C44 Exodeoxyribonuclease III1221243
THC0290_0070 THC0290_v2_0071 CDS 91039:92844 + A547 B181 C44 Putative hemolysin123786
THC0290_0071 THC0290_v2_0072 CDS 93117:94103 - A1052 B346 C102 Putative phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase1242017
THC0290_N_0056 5prime 94104:94163 - A1430 B497 C142 new transcription segment1252613
THC0290_N_0057 3prime 94165:94365 - A601 B183 C44 new transcription segment1261115
THC0290_flavo-1_0003 misc_RNA 94258:94338 + A1747 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA1273307
THC0290_0072 THC0290_v2_0073 proCCDS 94366:95142 - A605 B183 C44 Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase1281237
THC0290_0073 THC0290_v2_0074 mgtECDS 95153:96502 - A598 B183 C44 Mg2+ transporter MgtE129992
THC0290_0074 THC0290_v2_0075 ksgACDS 96492:97271 - A598 B183 C44 Dimethyladenosine transferase130993
THC0290_N_0058 intra 97272:97344 - A598 B183 C44 new transcription segment131998
THC0290_0075 THC0290_v2_0076 CDS 97345:97656 - A486 B172 C44 Protein of unknown function132648
THC0290_N_0059 intra 97657:97728 - A352 B131 C36 new transcription segment133452
THC0290_0076 THC0290_v2_0077 CDS 97729:99507 - A485 B172 C44 Tetratricopeptide repeat domain protein precursor134647
THC0290_N_0060 intra 99508:99741 - A486 B172 C44 new transcription segment135649
THC0290_0077 THC0290_v2_0078 serSCDS 99742:101013 - A484 B172 C44 Serine--tRNA ligase136645
THC0290_N_0061 intra 101014:101224 - A484 B172 C44 new transcription segment137646
THC0290_0078 THC0290_v2_0079 CDS 101225:102457 - A484 B172 C44 Protein of unknown function precursor138643
THC0290_0079 THC0290_v2_0080 CDS 102454:102894 - A484 B172 C44 Protein of unknown function139644
THC0290_0080 THC0290_v2_0081 CDS 102896:104074 - A484 B172 C44 Probable lipoprotein precursor140642
THC0290_0081 THC0290_v2_0082 mntHCDS 104165:106036 + A1089 B366 C107 Probable manganese transport protein mntH1412108
THC0290_N_0062 intra 106037:106329 + A1090 B366 C107 new transcription segment1422109
THC0290_0082 THC0290_v2_0083 sirRCDS 106330:106983 + A1072 B359 C105 Probable metal-dependent transcriptional regulator1432043
THC0290_N_0063 repeated_region 106984:108354 + A736 B211 C55 new transcription segment1441609
THC0290_0083 THC0290_v2_0084 CDS 107603:108094 - A1442 B502 C142 Protein of unknown function precursor1452627
THC0290_flavo-1_0004 misc_RNA 108152:108231 + A735 B211 C55 Flavo-1 RNA1461607
THC0290_0084 THC0290_v2_0085 CDS 108355:108948 + A736 B211 C55 Protein of unknown function1471608
THC0290_N_0064 3prime 108949:109046 + A1800 B551 C143 new transcription segment1483887
THC0290_tRNA_0002 tRNA 109057:109130 - A1769 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Asn1493770
THC0290_N_0066 5prime 109131:109277 - A1361 B469 C136 new transcription segment1502523
THC0290_0085 THC0290_v2_0086 CDS 109278:110612 - A1265 B422 C125 Probable M50 family membrane-associated zinc metalloprotease1512398
THC0290_N_0067 intra 110638:110698 - A643 B183 C44 new transcription segment1521398
THC0290_0086 THC0290_v2_0087 CDS 110699:112627 - A1782 B547 C143 Probable M1 family metalloprotease precursor1533830
THC0290_0087 THC0290_v2_0088 CDS 112762:113097 - A1654 B542 C143 Probable single-stranded DNA-binding protein1543023
THC0290_N_0068 Rfp7indep 113267:113949 + A1747 B546 C143 new transcription segment1553296
THC0290_flavo-1_0005 misc_RNA 113294:113375 + A1747 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA1563299
THC0290_0088 THC0290_v2_0089 CDS 113950:114297 + A1740 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function1573218
THC0290_0089 THC0290_v2_0090 yeeZCDS 114298:115119 + A1633 B540 C143 Putative enzyme of sugar metabolism YeeZ precursor1582955
THC0290_N_0070 3prime 115149:115324 + A1825 B559 C145 new transcription segment1593918
THC0290_0090 THC0290_v2_0091 pepOCDS 115174:117234 - A600 B183 C44 M13 family metallopeptidase PepO precursor1601070
THC0290_0091 THC0290_v2_0092 CDS 117237:120656 - A656 B184 C45 Probable glycoside hydrolase precursor1611428
THC0290_0092 THC0290_v2_0093 CDS 120728:121453 + A1511 B519 C143 Probable cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis protein1622731
THC0290_0093 THC0290_v2_0094 feoACDS 121549:121791 + A1494 B512 C143 Ferrous iron transport protein A1632709
THC0290_0094 THC0290_v2_0095 feoBCDS 121791:123884 + A1084 B365 C107 Ferrous iron transport protein B1642074
THC0290_N_0071 intra 123885:124433 + A1084 B365 C107 new transcription segment1652075
THC0290_0095 THC0290_v2_0096 CDS 124434:125396 + A1399 B480 C139 Hypothetical protein1662573
THC0290_0096 CDS 125431:125595 - A1768 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein1673577
THC0290_0097 THC0290_v2_0097 sdhCCDS 125923:126588 + A421 B162 C44 Succinate dehydrogenase, cytochrome b subunit168537
THC0290_0098 THC0290_v2_0098 sdhACDS 126598:128607 + A422 B163 C44 Succinate dehydrogenase, flavoprotein subunit169541
THC0290_N_0072 intra 128608:128700 + A422 B163 C44 new transcription segment170542
THC0290_0099 THC0290_v2_0099 CDS 128701:129075 + A422 B163 C44 Protein of unknown function171540
THC0290_N_0073 intra 129076:129133 + A422 B163 C44 new transcription segment172538
THC0290_0100 THC0290_v2_0100 sdhBCDS 129134:129898 + A422 B163 C44 Succinate dehydrogenase, iron-sulfur protein173539
THC0290_N_0074 3prime 129899:129947 + A1188 B407 C123 new transcription segment1742228
THC0290_N_0075 Rfp8indep 129929:130108 - A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment1753608
THC0290_0101 THC0290_v2_0101 dinBCDS 130216:131295 + A1160 B397 C120 DNA polymerase IV, damage-inducible protein DinB1762195
THC0290_N_0076 5prime 131417:131569 + A205 B75 C24 new transcription segment177256
THC0290_0102 THC0290_v2_0102 CDS 131570:132853 + A204 B75 C24 Protein of unknown function178252
THC0290_N_0077 intra 132854:133118 + A205 B75 C24 new transcription segment179257
THC0290_0103 THC0290_v2_0103 CDS 133119:133640 + A204 B75 C24 Protein of unknown function precursor180254
THC0290_0104 THC0290_v2_0104 CDS 133660:134139 + A204 B75 C24 Probable lipoprotein precursor181255
THC0290_0105 THC0290_v2_0105 CDS 134151:135113 + A204 B75 C24 Protein of unknown function precursor182253
THC0290_0106 THC0290_v2_0106 CDS 135128:136084 + A204 B75 C24 Protein of unknown function precursor183251
THC0290_N_0078 3prime 136085:136144 + A1747 B546 C143 new transcription segment1843290
THC0290_N_0079 3prime 136118:136225 - A1763 B546 C143 new transcription segment1853432
THC0290_0107 THC0290_v2_0107 CDS 136226:138043 - A1763 B546 C143 Putative outer membrane protein precursor1863431
THC0290_0108 THC0290_v2_0108 CDS 138173:140128 - A1560 B526 C143 Penicillin-binding protein1872823
THC0290_0109 THC0290_v2_0109 CDS 140135:140650 - A1762 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein1883390
THC0290_0110 THC0290_v2_0110 CDS 140658:140933 - A1768 B546 C143 Putative plasmid stabilization system protein1893633
THC0290_0111 THC0290_v2_0111 CDS 140930:141169 - A1768 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein1903634
THC0290_0112 THC0290_v2_0112 radACDS 141203:142564 - A601 B183 C44 DNA repair protein RadA1911117
THC0290_0113 THC0290_v2_0113 CDS 142567:143847 - A660 B185 C45 Protein of unknown function precursor1921434
THC0290_0114 THC0290_v2_0114 CDS 143895:144854 - A1002 B318 C86 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function1931957
THC0290_0115 THC0290_v2_0115 panDCDS 144859:145209 - A1673 B543 C143 Aspartate 1-decarboxylase1943067
THC0290_0116 THC0290_v2_0116 panCCDS 145223:146071 - A605 B183 C44 Pantoate--beta-alanine ligase1951248
THC0290_0117 THC0290_v2_0117 CDS 146180:146989 + A1557 B526 C143 Protein of unknown function1962816
THC0290_0118 THC0290_v2_0118 CDS 146989:148653 + A665 B187 C46 Probable lipoprotein precursor1971439
THC0290_0119 THC0290_v2_0119 glmSCDS 148660:150507 + A599 B183 C44 Glucosamine--fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase [isomerizing]1981018
THC0290_0120 THC0290_v2_0120 CDS 150779:153613 + A1785 B548 C143 Probable TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor precursor1993835
THC0290_N_0082 intra 153614:153714 + A1785 B548 C143 new transcription segment2003834
THC0290_0121 THC0290_v2_0121 CDS 153715:155214 + A1785 B548 C143 Probable lipoprotein precursor2013836
THC0290_N_0084 Rfp10indep 155251:155313 - A1827 B560 C145 new transcription segment2023920
THC0290_N_0085 5prime 155311:155418 + A661 B185 C45 new transcription segment2031435
THC0290_0122 THC0290_v2_0122 atpDCDS 155419:156930 + A600 B183 C44 ATP synthase beta subunit2041096
THC0290_N_0086 intra 156931:157009 + A639 B183 C44 new transcription segment2051387
THC0290_0123 THC0290_v2_0123 atpCCDS 157010:157291 + A600 B183 C44 ATP synthase epsilon subunit2061097
THC0290_N_0087 3prime 157292:157355 + A1142 B385 C113 new transcription segment2072175
THC0290_0124 THC0290_v2_0124 CDS 157356:157871 + A51 B28 C13 Hypothetical transmembrane protein20858
THC0290_N_0088 intra 157872:157951 + A72 B35 C14 new transcription segment20983
THC0290_0125 THC0290_v2_0125 CDS 157952:158140 + A558 B183 C44 Hypothetical protein210818
THC0290_0126 THC0290_v2_0126 CDS 158144:158260 + A71 B35 C14 Hypothetical protein21182
THC0290_0127 THC0290_v2_0127 bioFCDS 158321:159478 + A558 B183 C44 8-amino-7-oxononanoate synthase212816
THC0290_0128 THC0290_v2_0128 CDS 159521:159862 + A1244 B419 C125 Protein of unknown function precursor2132347
THC0290_N_0089 intra 159863:159978 + A1244 B419 C125 new transcription segment2142349
THC0290_0129 THC0290_v2_0129 CDS 159979:160953 + A1248 B419 C125 Putative outer membrane protein precursor2152360
THC0290_N_0090 3prime 160954:161007 + A1281 B430 C125 new transcription segment2162419
THC0290_0130 THC0290_v2_0130 CDS 161008:162009 + A1715 B546 C143 Probable acyl-protein synthetase2173160
THC0290_N_0091 3prime 162010:162767 + A1820 B557 C145 new transcription segment2183912
THC0290_0131 THC0290_v2_0131 CDS 162019:162429 - A598 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function219989
THC0290_N_0092 intra 162430:162618 - A456 B168 C44 new transcription segment220592
THC0290_flavo-1_0006 misc_RNA 162474:162616 + A1282 B430 C125 Flavo-1 RNA2212420
THC0290_0132 THC0290_v2_0132 pheSCDS 162619:163638 - A605 B183 C44 Phenylalanine--tRNA ligase alpha subunit2221251
THC0290_N_0093 5prime 163655:163724 - A553 B182 C44 new transcription segment223798
THC0290_0133 THC0290_v2_0133 CDS 163777:164133 - A304 B113 C32 Protein of unknown function224389
THC0290_N_0094 5prime 164134:164212 - A305 B113 C32 new transcription segment225390
THC0290_N_0095 repeated_region 164214:164791 - A676 B189 C46 new transcription segment2261458
THC0290_0134 THC0290_v2_0134 CDS 164278:164808 + A1448 B502 C142 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function2272637
THC0290_0135 THC0290_v2_0135 batECDS 164792:165535 - A676 B189 C46 BatE protein2281457
THC0290_N_0096 3prime 164809:165563 + A191 B70 C21 new transcription segment229237
THC0290_N_0097 repeated_region 165536:166702 - A677 B189 C46 new transcription segment2301468
THC0290_0136 THC0290_v2_0136 batDCDS 166703:168505 - A677 B189 C46 BatD protein2311467
THC0290_0137 THC0290_v2_0137 batCCDS 168527:169240 - A677 B189 C46 BatC protein2321463
THC0290_N_0098 repeated_region 169241:170135 - A677 B189 C46 new transcription segment2331465
THC0290_0138 THC0290_v2_0141 batBCDS 170136:171176 - A677 B189 C46 BatB protein2341461
THC0290_N_0099 intra 171177:171320 - A677 B189 C46 new transcription segment2351464
THC0290_0139 THC0290_v2_0142 CDS 171321:171701 - A677 B189 C46 Protein of unknown function2361462
THC0290_N_0100 intra 171702:171755 - A677 B189 C46 new transcription segment2371466
THC0290_0140 THC0290_v2_0143 batACDS 171756:172757 - A677 B189 C46 BatA protein2381460
THC0290_0141 THC0290_v2_0144 CDS 172759:174345 - A677 B189 C46 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function2391459
THC0290_N_0101 repeated_region 174346:176105 - A672 B188 C46 new transcription segment2401448
THC0290_0142 THC0290_v2_0145 CDS 176106:176972 - A545 B180 C44 Protein of unknown function241770
THC0290_N_0102 intra 176973:177041 - A545 B180 C44 new transcription segment242771
THC0290_0143 THC0290_v2_0146 CDS 177042:178046 - A853 B257 C70 ATPase, MoxR family2431774
THC0290_N_0103 5prime 178047:178088 - A853 B257 C70 new transcription segment2441775
THC0290_0144 THC0290_v2_0147 CDS 178131:179366 + A1107 B371 C109 Protein of unknown function, putative transcriptional regulator2452131
THC0290_0145 THC0290_v2_0148 pphACDS 179347:180096 + A739 B212 C55 Phosphoprotein phosphatase2461613
THC0290_0146 THC0290_v2_0149 CDS 180146:180661 + A600 B183 C44 Probable outer membrane protein precursor, OmpA family2471092
THC0290_N_0104 intra 180662:180746 + A1552 B523 C143 new transcription segment2482799
THC0290_0147 THC0290_v2_0150 phnACDS 180747:181328 + A515 B180 C44 PhnA protein249687
THC0290_N_0105 3prime 181329:181417 - A1593 B534 C143 new transcription segment2502868
THC0290_N_0106 3prime 181329:181404 + A1519 B521 C143 new transcription segment2512751
THC0290_0148 THC0290_v2_0151 gpsACDS 181418:182413 - A16 B8 C3 Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (NAD(P)+)25221
THC0290_N_0107 Rfp11indep 182563:182671 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment2533598
THC0290_N_0108 3prime 182582:182666 - A793 B241 C67 new transcription segment2541682
THC0290_0149 THC0290_v2_0152 CDS 182667:183833 - A819 B248 C68 Probable alcohol dehydrogenase2551722
THC0290_0150 THC0290_v2_0153 nadDCDS 183908:184489 - A74 B35 C14 Nicotinate-nucleotide adenylyltransferase25685
THC0290_N_0109 Rfp12indep 184225:184363 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment2573665
THC0290_0151 THC0290_v2_0154 CDS 184765:187650 - A536 B180 C44 Probable TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor precursor258731
THC0290_N_0112 intra 187683:187830 - A494 B173 C44 new transcription segment259660
THC0290_0152 THC0290_v2_0155 pgiCDS 187831:189474 - A595 B183 C44 Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase260952
THC0290_0153 THC0290_v2_0156 rplYCDS 189616:190227 - A573 B183 C44 50S ribosomal protein L25261848
THC0290_N_0114 intra 190228:190314 - A79 B36 C15 new transcription segment26294
THC0290_0154 THC0290_v2_0157 prsACDS 190315:191256 - A79 B36 C15 Ribose-phosphate diphosphokinase26393
THC0290_N_0115 5prime 191257:191300 - A761 B226 C62 new transcription segment2641635
THC0290_tRNA_0003 tRNA 191432:191514 + A1769 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Leu2653761
THC0290_N_0118 3prime-PT 191567:191761 - A1724 B546 C143 new transcription segment2663184
THC0290_tRNA_0004 tRNA 191804:191888 - A1768 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Leu2673657
THC0290_N_0121 5prime 191971:192020 + A436 B165 C44 new transcription segment268563
THC0290_0155 THC0290_v2_0158 CDS 192021:193409 + A592 B183 C44 ArgE/DapE/Acy1 family protein269945
THC0290_0156 THC0290_v2_0159 CDS 193420:193971 + A601 B183 C44 Probable phospholipid N-methyltransferase2701136
THC0290_N_0122 3prime 193972:194172 + A611 B183 C44 new transcription segment2711284
THC0290_0157 THC0290_v2_0160 CDS 194650:195750 + A1765 B546 C143 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function2723507
THC0290_0158 THC0290_v2_0161 pepPCDS 196171:197463 + A264 B94 C27 Xaa-Pro aminopeptidase273347
THC0290_0159 THC0290_v2_0162 CDS 197573:198358 + A390 B149 C42 Probable hydrolase274500
THC0290_N_0123 3prime 198042:198354 - A616 B183 C44 new transcription segment2751303
THC0290_0160 THC0290_v2_0163 CDS 198355:201123 - A615 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function2761301
THC0290_N_0124 3prime 198359:198406 + A869 B265 C73 new transcription segment2771794
THC0290_N_0125 3prime 201124:201191 - A1850 B569 C149 new transcription segment2783948
THC0290_0161 THC0290_v2_0164 CDS 201192:202589 - A256 B91 C27 Outer membrane protein precursor, OmpA family P60279333
THC0290_N_0126 intra 202620:202692 - A611 B183 C44 new transcription segment2801291
THC0290_0162 THC0290_v2_0165 kblCDS 202693:203889 - A600 B183 C44 Glycine C-acetyltransferase2811071
THC0290_N_0127 5prime 203890:203949 - A439 B165 C44 new transcription segment282567
THC0290_0163 THC0290_v2_0166 CDS 203950:207108 - A211 B78 C25 Probable ATP-dependent DNA helicase, UvrD/REP family283270
THC0290_flavo-1_0007 misc_RNA 207187:207266 + A1747 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA2843304
THC0290_0164 THC0290_v2_0167 sodACDS 207374:207979 + A1604 B535 C143 Superoxide dismutase [Mn]2852887
THC0290_N_0128 3prime 207980:208039 + A1604 B535 C143 new transcription segment2862886
THC0290_N_0129 Rfp13indep 208062:208134 - A1769 B546 C143 new transcription segment2873741
THC0290_N_0130 Rfp14indep 208381:208488 + A1765 B546 C143 new transcription segment2883520
THC0290_N_0131 3prime 208552:208636 - A958 B303 C83 new transcription segment2891898
THC0290_0165 THC0290_v2_0169 tyrSCDS 208637:209932 - A605 B183 C44 Tyrosine--tRNA ligase2901249
THC0290_0166 THC0290_v2_0170 CDS 210086:211081 + A1768 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function2913717
THC0290_N_0132 3prime 210722:211077 - A576 B183 C44 new transcription segment292855
THC0290_0167 THC0290_v2_0171 CDS 211078:211500 - A535 B180 C44 Probable lipoprotein precursor293729
THC0290_N_0133 3prime 211082:211240 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment2943681
THC0290_0168 THC0290_v2_0172 pyrC1CDS 211505:212842 - A535 B180 C44 Dihydroorotase295730
THC0290_0169 THC0290_v2_0173 CDS 212865:213590 - A544 B180 C44 Glycosyl transferase, group 2 family protein296766
THC0290_0170 THC0290_v2_0174 CDS 213837:215033 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor2972068
THC0290_N_0136 repeated_region 215149:215318 + A1693 B546 C143 new transcription segment2983101
THC0290_0171 THC0290_v2_0175 CDS 215347:216612 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor2992066
THC0290_0172 THC0290_v2_0176 CDS 216630:217619 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3002071
THC0290_0173 THC0290_v2_0177 CDS 217635:218969 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3012069
THC0290_0174 THC0290_v2_0178 CDS 219283:220551 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3022072
THC0290_0175 THC0290_v2_0180 CDS 220567:221559 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein)3032073
THC0290_0176 THC0290_v2_0182 CDS 221575:222702 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3042070
THC0290_N_0139 intra 222703:223027 - A1083 B365 C107 new transcription segment3052065
THC0290_0177 THC0290_v2_0183 CDS 223028:224638 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3062059
THC0290_N_0140 repeated_region 224639:224914 - A1083 B365 C107 new transcription segment3072061
THC0290_0178 THC0290_v2_0184 CDS 224965:225888 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3082067
THC0290_0179 THC0290_v2_0185 CDS 225904:227169 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3092063
THC0290_0180 THC0290_v2_0186 CDS 227183:228379 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3102064
THC0290_0181 THC0290_v2_0188 CDS 228393:229796 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3112060
THC0290_N_0142 repeated_region 229797:230072 - A1083 B365 C107 new transcription segment3122062
THC0290_0182 THC0290_v2_0189 CDS 230123:231112 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3132056
THC0290_0183 THC0290_v2_0190 CDS 231127:232047 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3142057
THC0290_0184 THC0290_v2_0191 CDS 232062:233117 - A1083 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3152058
THC0290_0185 THC0290_v2_0192 CDS 233132:234121 - A1088 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3162088
THC0290_0186 THC0290_v2_0194 CDS 234136:235122 - A1088 B365 C107 Probable cell surface protein (Leucine-rich repeat protein) precursor3172085
THC0290_0187 THC0290_v2_0195 CDS 235708:236373 + A1765 B546 C143 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function3183559
THC0290_0188 THC0290_v2_0196 CDS 236394:237143 + A540 B180 C44 Protein of unknown function319750
THC0290_N_0144 intra 237144:237208 + A586 B183 C44 new transcription segment320914
THC0290_0189 THC0290_v2_0197 CDS 237209:237979 + A587 B183 C44 Enoyl-CoA hydratase/isomerase family protein321917
THC0290_N_0145 3prime 237710:238051 - A489 B173 C44 new transcription segment322652
THC0290_N_0146 3prime 237980:238652 + A576 B183 C44 new transcription segment323858
THC0290_0190 THC0290_v2_0198 CDS 238052:238456 - A480 B171 C44 Probable protein chain release factor324633
THC0290_0191 THC0290_v2_0199 CDS 238456:240570 - A581 B183 C44 Probable bifunctional protein : transcriptional regulator NadR family and of unknown function325890
THC0290_0192 THC0290_v2_0200 pnuCCDS 240531:241154 - A491 B173 C44 Nicotinamide mononucleotide transporter PnuC326654
THC0290_0193 THC0290_v2_0201 pcrBCDS 241163:241885 - A492 B173 C44 PcrB protein homolog327655
THC0290_0194 THC0290_v2_0202 sfpCDS 241896:242537 - A492 B173 C44 Probable phosphopantetheinyl transferase328656
THC0290_flavo-1_0008 misc_RNA 242552:242631 + A1385 B477 C139 Flavo-1 RNA3292554
THC0290_0195 THC0290_v2_0203 ahcYCDS 242763:244079 + A970 B307 C84 Adenosylhomocysteinase3301915
THC0290_N_0147 3prime 244080:244141 + A1670 B542 C143 new transcription segment3313059
THC0290_0196 THC0290_v2_0204 CDS 244213:244821 - A1753 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function3323352
THC0290_N_0148 5prime 244877:244927 + A1205 B414 C124 new transcription segment3332261
THC0290_0197 THC0290_v2_0205 ltdCDS 244941:245891 + A27 B14 C7 L-threonine 3-dehydrogenase33433
THC0290_N_0149 repeated_region 245600:246251 - A1729 B546 C143 new transcription segment3353192
THC0290_N_0150 3prime 245892:245964 + A1588 B533 C143 new transcription segment3362861
THC0290_N_0151 3prime-PT 245965:246278 + A1394 B478 C139 new transcription segment3372568
THC0290_0198 THC0290_v2_0206 mfdCDS 246252:249605 - A381 B145 C41 Transcription-repair coupling factor338489
THC0290_0199 THC0290_v2_0207 CDS 249721:250146 + A1768 B546 C143 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function3393672
THC0290_0200 THC0290_v2_0208 CDS 250231:250752 + A1715 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein3403158
THC0290_0201 THC0290_v2_0209 CDS 250719:251186 - A1765 B546 C143 Adenylate cyclase family protein3413466
THC0290_N_0154 3prime 250753:251441 + A1248 B419 C125 new transcription segment3422356
THC0290_N_0155 5prime 251187:251301 - A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment3433653
THC0290_N_0156 Rfp15indep 251422:251487 - A1769 B546 C143 new transcription segment3443738
THC0290_N_0157 intra 251489:251576 - A811 B244 C67 new transcription segment3451710
THC0290_0202 THC0290_v2_0210 purFCDS 251577:253475 - A586 B183 C44 Amidophosphoribosyltransferase346915
THC0290_N_0158 3prime 253476:253544 - A811 B244 C67 new transcription segment3471711
THC0290_0203 THC0290_v2_0211 CDS 253545:254468 - A803 B244 C67 Carbohydrate kinase, PfkB family3481698
THC0290_N_0159 intra 254489:254544 - A601 B183 C44 new transcription segment3491119
THC0290_0204 THC0290_v2_0212 rnhACDS 254545:255024 - A601 B183 C44 Ribonuclease HI3501182
THC0290_0205 THC0290_v2_0213 purNCDS 255026:255595 - A526 B180 C44 Phosphoribosylglycinamide formyltransferase351711
THC0290_N_0160 Rfp16indep 255408:255603 + A1681 B544 C143 new transcription segment3523084
THC0290_N_0161 5prime 255694:255745 + A103 B45 C16 new transcription segment353128
THC0290_0206 THC0290_v2_0214 acpPCDS 255770:256006 + A562 B183 C44 Acyl carrier protein354830
THC0290_N_0163 5prime 256047:256358 + A103 B45 C16 new transcription segment355129
THC0290_0207 THC0290_v2_0216 fabFCDS 256359:257609 + A605 B183 C44 3-oxoacyl-(acyl-carrier-protein) synthase II3561219
THC0290_0208 THC0290_v2_0217 rncCDS 257618:258358 + A600 B183 C44 Ribonuclease III3571113
THC0290_N_0164 intra 258359:258452 + A601 B183 C44 new transcription segment3581120
THC0290_0209 THC0290_v2_0218 CDS 258470:258949 + A970 B307 C84 Protein of unknown function3591916
THC0290_0210 THC0290_v2_0219 pykACDS 258953:260383 + A833 B252 C69 Pyruvate kinase3601740
THC0290_N_0165 3prime 260291:260539 - A1451 B503 C142 new transcription segment3612643
THC0290_0211 THC0290_v2_0220 CDS 260540:261250 - A525 B180 C44 Protein of unknown function362707
THC0290_N_0167 intra 261251:261325 - A50 B27 C13 new transcription segment36357
THC0290_0212 THC0290_v2_0221 CDS 261326:261682 - A609 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function MmcQ3641271
THC0290_0213 THC0290_v2_0222 CDS 261688:262440 - A609 B183 C44 Probable arylformamidase3651281
THC0290_0214 THC0290_v2_0223 CDS 262521:263654 - A609 B183 C44 Probable coproporphyrinogen oxidase3661280
THC0290_0215 THC0290_v2_0224 ruvCCDS 263657:264211 - A890 B276 C76 Crossover junction endoribonuclease3671817
THC0290_N_0168 5prime 264212:264278 - A890 B276 C76 new transcription segment3681818
THC0290_0216 THC0290_v2_0225 CDS 264266:265192 + A549 B181 C44 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function369791
THC0290_0217 THC0290_v2_0226 CDS 265180:266289 + A549 B181 C44 Glycosyl transferase, group 2 family protein370792
THC0290_flavo-1_0009 misc_RNA 266310:266381 + A1382 B476 C138 Flavo-1 RNA3712551
THC0290_0218 THC0290_v2_0227 CDS 266397:266870 - A337 B126 C35 Protein of unknown function372437
THC0290_N_0169 Rfp17indep 266572:266801 + A1747 B546 C143 new transcription segment3733298
THC0290_0219 THC0290_v2_0228 CDS 266940:267446 + A1747 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein3743297
THC0290_N_0170 3prime 267422:267648 - A1790 B549 C143 new transcription segment3753843
THC0290_0220 THC0290_v2_0229 CDS 267649:268050 - A1790 B549 C143 Hypothetical protein3763842
THC0290_N_0171 intra 268051:268199 - A1790 B549 C143 new transcription segment3773845
THC0290_0221 THC0290_v2_0230 CDS 268200:268898 - A1790 B549 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor3783844
THC0290_0222 THC0290_v2_0231 CDS 268913:269659 - A1762 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor3793403
THC0290_0223 THC0290_v2_0232 ileSCDS 269844:273245 + A544 B180 C44 Isoleucine--tRNA ligase380767
THC0290_0224 THC0290_v2_0233 dksACDS 273252:273632 + A856 B258 C70 DnaK suppressor protein3811779
THC0290_N_0172 5prime 273673:273853 + A834 B252 C69 new transcription segment3821741
THC0290_0225 THC0290_v2_0235 lspACDS 273869:274462 + A1727 B546 C143 Signal peptidase II3833189
THC0290_N_0173 3prime 274351:274462 - A1313 B452 C133 new transcription segment3842455
THC0290_0226 THC0290_v2_0236 ygfACDS 274463:275026 - A1602 B535 C143 5-formyltetrahydrofolate cyclo-ligase3852883
THC0290_N_0174 3prime 274463:274834 + A1726 B546 C143 new transcription segment3863187
THC0290_0227 THC0290_v2_0237 CDS 275072:276049 - A1440 B501 C142 Protein of unknown function3872625
THC0290_0228 THC0290_v2_0238 uvrCCDS 276133:277932 + A117 B47 C16 Excinuclease ABC, C subunit388148
THC0290_0229 THC0290_v2_0239 CDS 277945:280254 + A117 B47 C16 Probable esterase of the alpha-beta hydrolase superfamily389147
THC0290_flavo-1_0010 misc_RNA 277967:278046 - A1747 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA3903289
THC0290_0230 THC0290_v2_0240 CDS 280355:281833 + A625 B183 C44 Probable amino acid-transporting permease3911340
THC0290_N_0176 5prime 281963:282093 + A1552 B523 C143 new transcription segment3922802
THC0290_0231 THC0290_v2_0241 hmgACDS 282094:283251 + A221 B82 C25 Homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase393282
THC0290_N_0177 intra 283252:283453 + A222 B82 C25 new transcription segment394284
THC0290_flavo-1_0011 misc_RNA 283255:283343 - A1163 B398 C121 Flavo-1 RNA3952198
THC0290_0232 THC0290_v2_0242 hppDCDS 283454:284614 + A222 B82 C25 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase396283
THC0290_N_0178 intra 284615:284739 + A1125 B375 C109 new transcription segment3972156
THC0290_N_0179 Rfp18indep 284741:284837 + A1769 B546 C143 new transcription segment3983739
THC0290_0233 THC0290_v2_0243 CDS 284910:285680 + A1257 B421 C125 Protein of unknown function precursor3992384
THC0290_0234 THC0290_v2_0244 CDS 285682:286608 + A674 B189 C46 Tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase4001450
THC0290_0235 THC0290_v2_0245 CDS 286622:287854 + A1273 B425 C125 Probable M23/M37 family peptidase4012411
THC0290_0236 THC0290_v2_0246 pthCDS 287869:288498 + A1274 B425 C125 Aminoacyl-tRNA hydrolase4022412
THC0290_0237 THC0290_v2_0247 fpp1CDS 288547:291963 - A1062 B352 C104 Psychrophilic metalloprotease Fpp1 precursor4032030
THC0290_N_0181 3prime 292028:292069 - A1100 B369 C108 new transcription segment4042121
THC0290_0238 THC0290_v2_0248 fpp2CDS 292070:294898 - A1062 B352 C104 Psychrophilic metalloprotease Fpp2 precursor4052031
THC0290_0239 THC0290_v2_0249 ribFCDS 295150:296082 + A1467 B506 C142 Bifunctional riboflavin biosynthesis protein RibF : Riboflavin kinase and FMN adenylyltransferase4062661
THC0290_N_0182 intra 296083:296259 + A782 B238 C67 new transcription segment4071668
THC0290_0240 THC0290_v2_0250 bioBCDS 296279:297367 + A600 B183 C44 Biotin synthase4081050
THC0290_0241 CDS 297417:297623 - A1450 B502 C142 Biotin synthase4092641
THC0290_N_0184 Rfp19indep 297507:297566 + A1408 B485 C140 new transcription segment4102582
THC0290_tRNA_0005 tRNA 297803:297876 - A1769 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Met4113787
THC0290_N_0185 5prime 297877:297936 - A1769 B546 C143 new transcription segment4123751
THC0290_0242 THC0290_v2_0252 CDS 297963:298367 - A1768 B546 C143 Probable lyase4133625
THC0290_flavo-1_0012 misc_RNA 298410:298481 + A1747 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA4143279
THC0290_0243 THC0290_v2_0253 rbfACDS 298577:298969 + A1768 B546 C143 Ribosome-binding factor A4153604
THC0290_0244 THC0290_v2_0254 CDS 298971:300170 + A1765 B546 C143 Probable ABC-type transport system, permease component4163519
THC0290_N_0186 3prime 300171:300903 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment4173688
THC0290_0245 THC0290_v2_0255 queACDS 300280:301329 - A1745 B546 C143 S-adenosylmethionine:tRNA-ribosyltransferase- isomerase4183230
THC0290_N_0187 5prime 301330:301388 - A1745 B546 C143 new transcription segment4193231
THC0290_0246 THC0290_v2_0256 aroACDS 301503:302732 - A601 B183 C44 3-phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferase4201121
THC0290_0247 THC0290_v2_0257 CDS 302777:303103 - A583 B183 C44 MazG family protein421904
THC0290_N_0188 intra 303104:303302 - A1552 B523 C143 new transcription segment4222798
THC0290_0248 THC0290_v2_0258 CDS 303303:303749 - A358 B136 C39 Protein of unknown function423459
THC0290_0249 CDS 303781:304143 - A359 B136 C39 Hypothetical protein Putative pseudogene424460
THC0290_N_0189 intra 304144:304193 - A678 B190 C47 new transcription segment4251469
THC0290_0250 THC0290_v2_0259 CDS 304194:304376 - A357 B136 C39 Hypothetical protein426457
THC0290_N_0190 5prime 304377:304524 - A357 B136 C39 new transcription segment427458
THC0290_0251 THC0290_v2_0261 CDS 304650:305642 - A372 B141 C39 Protein of unknown function428474
THC0290_0252 THC0290_v2_0262 CDS 305655:308825 - A588 B183 C44 Probable type II endonuclease-methyltransferase fusion protein429924
THC0290_0253 THC0290_v2_0263 dtdCDS 308869:309321 - A714 B202 C53 D-tyrosyl-tRNA(Tyr) deacylase4301550
THC0290_N_0192 intra 309322:309431 - A721 B205 C53 new transcription segment4311573
THC0290_0254 THC0290_v2_0264 rsgACDS 309432:310412 - A721 B205 C53 Putative ribosome biogenesis GTPase RsgA4321575
THC0290_N_0193 5prime 310413:310478 - A721 B205 C53 new transcription segment4331576
THC0290_0255 THC0290_v2_0265 CDS 310522:311604 - A721 B205 C53 Putative phospho-2-dehydro-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase4341574
THC0290_N_0194 5prime 311635:311701 - A719 B205 C53 new transcription segment4351567
THC0290_0256 THC0290_v2_0266 aspC3CDS 311724:312935 - A719 B205 C53 Probable aspartate transaminase AspC34361568
THC0290_0257 THC0290_v2_0267 pheACDS 312932:313768 - A719 B205 C53 Prephenate dehydratase4371569
THC0290_N_0195 5prime 313769:313939 - A1769 B546 C143 new transcription segment4383752
THC0290_0258 THC0290_v2_0268 gldACDS 314052:314948 + A78 B36 C15 Gliding motility protein GldA43992
THC0290_0259 THC0290_v2_0269 CDS 314955:315767 + A628 B183 C44 Probable transcriptional regulator, AraC family4401351
THC0290_N_0196 intra 315768:315824 + A292 B108 C30 new transcription segment441377
THC0290_0260 THC0290_v2_0270 CDS 315825:316994 + A1747 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function4423291
THC0290_N_0197 3prime 316995:317307 + A1747 B546 C143 new transcription segment4433293
THC0290_flavo-1_0013 misc_RNA 317003:317082 + A1747 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA4443295
THC0290_0261 THC0290_v2_0271 CDS 317564:318664 - A726 B207 C54 Homoserine dehydrogenase4451583
THC0290_0262 THC0290_v2_0272 metXCDS 318651:319652 - A726 B207 C54 Homoserine O-acetyltransferase4461584
THC0290_0263 THC0290_v2_0273 metYCDS 319731:321023 - A726 B207 C54 Probable O-acetylhomoserine aminocarboxypropyltransferase4471585
THC0290_N_0198 Rfp20indep 321293:321392 - A1435 B498 C142 new transcription segment4482619
THC0290_N_0199 Rfp21indep 321888:322029 - A1554 B525 C143 new transcription segment4492813
THC0290_0264 THC0290_v2_0274 CDS 322321:323505 + A1756 B546 C143 Transposase IS91 family4503360
THC0290_0265 THC0290_v2_0275 CDS 323507:323950 + A1756 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein4513361
THC0290_N_0200 3prime 323909:323965 - A141 B55 C18 new transcription segment452180
THC0290_N_0201 3prime 323951:324107 + A1829 B561 C145 new transcription segment4533922
THC0290_0266 THC0290_v2_0276 CDS 323966:324199 - A1463 B506 C142 Transcriptional regulator, XRE family4542657
THC0290_0267 THC0290_v2_0277 CDS 324293:325300 + A1486 B509 C142 Hypothetical protein precursor4552691
THC0290_N_0202 5prime 325563:325621 + A1709 B546 C143 new transcription segment4563138
THC0290_0268 THC0290_v2_0278 CDS 325622:327997 + A1576 B530 C143 Truncated Eco57I restriction-modification methylase family protein4572847
THC0290_0269 THC0290_v2_0279 CDS 328042:328353 + A1768 B546 C143 Transposase IS3 family, OrfA4583585
THC0290_0270 THC0290_v2_0280 CDS 328404:329249 + A1768 B546 C143 Transposase IS3 family, OrfB4593583
THC0290_0271 THC0290_v2_0281 CDS 329327:329941 + A1731 B546 C143 Truncated Eco57I restriction-modification methylase family protein4603199
THC0290_0272 THC0290_v2_0282 CDS 329944:330672 + A1396 B479 C139 Hypothetical protein4612570
THC0290_0273 THC0290_v2_0283 CDS 330880:331149 + A1755 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein4623357
THC0290_0274 THC0290_v2_0284 CDS 331155:332150 + A1755 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein4633358
THC0290_tRNA_0006 tRNA 332736:332812 - A1769 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Asp4643790
THC0290_N_0205 5prime 332826:332898 - A1549 B523 C143 new transcription segment4652794
THC0290_0275 THC0290_v2_0285 CDS 332899:333825 - A1862 B574 C149 Protein of unknown function4663961
THC0290_flavo-1_0014 misc_RNA 333894:333965 + A1285 B432 C126 Flavo-1 RNA4672423
THC0290_0276 THC0290_v2_0286 CDS 334046:334363 - A1709 B546 C143 Thioredoxin family protein4683133
THC0290_N_0207 3prime 334509:334577 - A298 B110 C31 new transcription segment469383
THC0290_0277 THC0290_v2_0287 CDS 334578:335498 - A605 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function precursor, putative outer membrane protein4701238
THC0290_N_0208 3prime 335720:335801 - A329 B122 C33 new transcription segment471417
THC0290_0278 THC0290_v2_0288 CDS 335802:336416 - A22 B12 C5 Probable deoxynucleoside kinase47228
THC0290_0279 THC0290_v2_0289 CDS 336416:337207 - A1671 B543 C143 Hypothetical protein precursor4733063
THC0290_0280 gene 337415:337477 + A1144 B387 C115 Truncated protein N-terminal region4742177
THC0290_0281 gene 337517:337570 + A1747 B546 C143 Truncated protein C-terminal region4753274
THC0290_0282 THC0290_v2_0290 CDS 337611:338546 + A991 B313 C85 Probable outer membrane protein precursor4761946
THC0290_0283 THC0290_v2_0291 gene 338551:338808 + A595 B183 C44 Fragment of hypothetical protein (part 1)477965
THC0290_0284 THC0290_v2_0292 CDS 338926:340089 + A1663 B542 C143 Transposase IS4 family4783041
THC0290_0285 THC0290_v2_0293 gene 340049:340711 + A1269 B424 C125 Fragment of hypothetical protein (part 2)4792402
THC0290_flavo-1_0015 misc_RNA 340732:340814 - A1338 B462 C134 Flavo-1 RNA4802489
THC0290_0286 THC0290_v2_0294 CDS 340851:343562 + A312 B118 C33 Protein of unknown function precursor481397
THC0290_flavo-1_0016 misc_RNA 343562:343644 - A1136 B381 C112 Flavo-1 RNA4822168
THC0290_N_0209 3prime 343627:343736 - A832 B252 C69 new transcription segment4831739
THC0290_0287 THC0290_v2_0295 metKCDS 343737:344987 - A854 B257 C70 Methionine adenosyltransferase4841776
THC0290_N_0210 5prime 344988:345117 - A855 B257 C70 new transcription segment4851778
THC0290_miscRNA_0001 misc_RNA 345053:345113 - A855 B257 C70 SAM-II long loop4861777
THC0290_0288 THC0290_v2_0296 recOCDS 345589:346305 - A576 B183 C44 DNA repair protein RecO487856
THC0290_N_0211 intra 346306:346363 - A1344 B465 C135 new transcription segment4882495
THC0290_0289 THC0290_v2_0297 CDS 346364:348646 - A1343 B465 C135 Protein of unknown function precursor, putative immunoreactive 84 kDa antigen4892494
THC0290_0290 THC0290_v2_0298 gdhACDS 348775:350118 - A595 B183 C44 Glutamate dehydrogenase (NADP+)490974
THC0290_0291 THC0290_v2_0300 CDS 350310:351137 + A1772 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor4913795
THC0290_N_0214 3prime 351138:351301 + A1655 B542 C143 new transcription segment4923025
THC0290_0292 THC0290_v2_0301 CDS 351317:352102 - A377 B143 C41 Protein of unknown function493482
THC0290_0293 THC0290_v2_0302 CDS 352207:353211 - A59 B31 C14 Protein of unknown function precursor49468
THC0290_0294 THC0290_v2_0303 aspSCDS 353314:355065 + A605 B183 C44 Aspartate--tRNA ligase4951250
THC0290_0295 THC0290_v2_0304 CDS 355170:355370 + A64 B33 C14 Probable cold shock protein49673
THC0290_N_0216 3prime 355371:355427 + A1608 B535 C143 new transcription segment4972896
THC0290_N_0217 3prime 355417:355516 - A1643 B540 C143 new transcription segment4982985
THC0290_0296 THC0290_v2_0305 CDS 355517:355957 - A1768 B546 C143 Probable cytosine/adenosine deaminase4993623
THC0290_0297 THC0290_v2_0306 CDS 356020:356607 + A1243 B419 C125 Protein of unknown function5002328
THC0290_0298 THC0290_v2_0307 dxsCDS 356654:358429 + A1252 B419 C125 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase5012370
THC0290_0299 THC0290_v2_0308 CDS 358481:361225 - A605 B183 C44 Probable M36 fungalysin family metalloprotease precursor5021224
THC0290_N_0219 Rfp22indep 361577:361788 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment5033654
THC0290_N_0220 3prime 361742:361813 - A1323 B456 C133 new transcription segment5042469
THC0290_0300 THC0290_v2_0310 CDS 361814:364573 - A1062 B352 C104 Probable M36 fungalysin family metalloprotease precursor5052029
THC0290_0301 THC0290_v2_0311 dgtCDS 364659:366002 - A593 B183 C44 Deoxyguanosinetriphosphate triphosphohydrolase (dGTPase)506948
THC0290_N_0221 intra 366003:366148 - A230 B83 C25 new transcription segment507300
THC0290_0302 THC0290_v2_0312 CDS 366149:367459 - A593 B183 C44 Probable penicillin-binding protein precursor508949
THC0290_0303 THC0290_v2_0313 polACDS 367487:370333 - A447 B166 C44 DNA polymerase I509577
THC0290_0304 THC0290_v2_0314 CDS 370460:371698 + A1348 B467 C136 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function5102500
THC0290_0305 THC0290_v2_0315 CDS 371748:372044 + A1699 B546 C143 Thioredoxin family protein5113113
THC0290_N_0222 3prime 372045:372409 + A1455 B504 C142 new transcription segment5122648
THC0290_0306 THC0290_v2_0316 CDS 372055:372684 - A1049 B346 C102 Probable polysaccharide deacetylase5132014
THC0290_0307 THC0290_v2_0317 CDS 372841:373998 - A208 B77 C25 Probable ABC-type transport system, permease component514267
THC0290_0308 THC0290_v2_0318 CDS 373995:374993 - A1099 B369 C108 Probable ABC-type transport system, membrane fusion efflux lipoprotein precursor component5152120
THC0290_0309 THC0290_v2_0319 CDS 375002:376381 - A1760 B546 C143 Probable outer membrane efflux protein precursor5163373
THC0290_N_0223 Rfp23indep 376405:376471 + A1688 B545 C143 new transcription segment5173094
THC0290_0310 THC0290_v2_0320 CDS 376525:379755 - A939 B296 C82 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function5181876
THC0290_tRNA_0007 tRNA 379910:379983 + A1769 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Gln5193768
THC0290_N_0225 3prime 379982:380030 - A1551 B523 C143 new transcription segment5202797
THC0290_N_0227 3prime-PT 380006:380541 + A1168 B401 C121 new transcription segment5212203
THC0290_0311 THC0290_v2_0321 fbpCDS 380031:381038 - A516 B180 C44 Fructose-bisphosphatase522689
THC0290_0312 THC0290_v2_0322 yggGCDS 381240:382067 + A1762 B546 C143 Putative secreted M48 family metalloprotease YggG precursor5233398
THC0290_0313 THC0290_v2_0323 CDS 382030:382551 + A1109 B371 C109 Probable acetyltransferase, GNAT family5242136
THC0290_N_0228 intra 382552:382823 + A1109 B371 C109 new transcription segment5252137
THC0290_0314 THC0290_v2_0324 lysCCDS 382824:384077 + A1118 B373 C109 Aspartate kinase5262148
THC0290_0315 THC0290_v2_0325 CDS 384123:387530 + A1631 B540 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor5272948
THC0290_0316 THC0290_v2_0326 CDS 387602:388201 + A1040 B344 C102 Hypothetical protein precursor5282001
THC0290_N_0230 intra 388202:388287 + A1040 B344 C102 new transcription segment5292002
THC0290_0317 THC0290_v2_0328 CDS 388288:389880 + A250 B89 C27 Probable glycoside hydrolase, family 13530326
THC0290_N_0231 intra 389881:389978 + A250 B89 C27 new transcription segment531327
THC0290_0318 THC0290_v2_0329 CDS 389979:391058 + A250 B89 C27 Hypothetical protein precursor532325
THC0290_N_0232 intra 391059:391227 + A1405 B483 C139 new transcription segment5332579
THC0290_0319 THC0290_v2_0330 CDS 391228:391704 + A1404 B483 C139 Hypothetical protein5342578
THC0290_N_0233 repeated_region 391705:392250 + A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment5353589
THC0290_0320 THC0290_v2_0332 (glpQ)gene 392251:392391 + A1768 B546 C143 Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase (fragment)5363588
THC0290_0321 THC0290_v2_0333 CDS 392440:393687 + A1765 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function5373465
THC0290_N_0235 3prime 393012:393683 - A127 B53 C18 new transcription segment538160
THC0290_0322 THC0290_v2_0334 CDS 393684:394175 - A1464 B506 C142 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function5392658
THC0290_0323 THC0290_v2_0335 mvaDCDS 394273:395355 + A944 B298 C82 Diphosphomevalonate decarboxylase5401883
THC0290_0324 THC0290_v2_0336 CDS 395386:395604 + A1767 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein5413574
THC0290_0325 THC0290_v2_0337 CDS 395604:395825 + A1767 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein5423575
THC0290_N_0236 intra 395826:395917 + A1767 B546 C143 new transcription segment5433573
THC0290_0326 THC0290_v2_0338 mvaKCDS 395918:396856 + A1669 B542 C143 Mevalonate kinase5443056
THC0290_0327 THC0290_v2_0339 CDS 396899:397816 + A165 B61 C19 Prenyltransferase family protein545205
THC0290_N_0239 intra 397817:397941 + A1287 B433 C126 new transcription segment5462425
THC0290_flavo-1_0017 misc_RNA 397826:397905 - A1277 B427 C125 Flavo-1 RNA5472415
THC0290_0328 THC0290_v2_0340 CDS 397957:398865 + A1572 B530 C143 Pseudouridylate synthase5482840
THC0290_N_0240 intra 398866:398973 + A983 B309 C84 new transcription segment5491938
THC0290_0329 THC0290_v2_0341 CDS 398974:399336 + A983 B309 C84 Protein of unknown function5501937
THC0290_N_0241 3prime 399232:399754 - A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment5513593
THC0290_0330 THC0290_v2_0342 CDS 399755:400099 - A1767 B546 C143 Putative transcriptional regulator5523572
THC0290_0331 THC0290_v2_0343 CDS 400184:400381 + A1745 B546 C143 Hypothetical protein5533232
THC0290_N_0243 5prime 400566:400739 + A1763 B546 C143 new transcription segment5543445
THC0290_0332 THC0290_v2_0344 CDS 400740:408701 + A1583 B532 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor, putative adhesin5552855
THC0290_0333 THC0290_v2_0345 CDS 408753:409667 + A1102 B370 C109 Protein of unknown function precursor5562125
THC0290_0334 THC0290_v2_0346 CDS 409678:411612 + A1102 B370 C109 Probable outer membrane protein precursor, OmpA family5572123
THC0290_0335 THC0290_v2_0347 accDCDS 411656:412510 - A593 B183 C44 Acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase carboxyl transferase beta subunit558946
THC0290_N_0246 intra 412511:412571 - A405 B155 C43 new transcription segment559519
THC0290_0336 THC0290_v2_0348 fbaACDS 412572:413639 - A593 B183 C44 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase560947
THC0290_0337 THC0290_v2_0349 CDS 413681:416212 - A1865 B575 C149 Probable outer membrane lipoprotein precursor5613966
THC0290_N_0247 3prime 416229:416973 - A130 B53 C18 new transcription segment562164
THC0290_0338 THC0290_v2_0350 CDS 416249:416977 + A902 B280 C77 Probable tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase5631832
THC0290_0339 THC0290_v2_0351 porTCDS 416974:417684 - A86 B41 C15 PorT protein564102
THC0290_0340 THC0290_v2_0352 ubiECDS 417706:418437 - A68 B33 C14 Ubiquinone/menaquinone biosynthesis methyltransferase UbiE56578
THC0290_N_0248 Rfp25indep 418605:418919 + A1760 B546 C143 new transcription segment5663379
THC0290_N_0249 3prime 418955:419131 - A557 B183 C44 new transcription segment567814
THC0290_0341 THC0290_v2_0353 dfrACDS 419132:419620 - A566 B183 C44 Dihydrofolate reductase568838
THC0290_0342 THC0290_v2_0354 CDS 419620:419949 - A66 B33 C14 Probable transmembrane protein56975
THC0290_0343 THC0290_v2_0355 gene 420014:422260 - A373 B141 C39 Protein of unknown function precursor (fragment)570477
THC0290_0344 THC0290_v2_0356 thyACDS 422318:423142 - A605 B183 C44 Thymidylate synthase5711253
THC0290_N_0250 intra 423143:423212 - A605 B183 C44 new transcription segment5721247
THC0290_0345 THC0290_v2_0357 CDS 423213:423833 - A605 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function5731254
THC0290_N_0251 5prime 423834:424019 - A916 B284 C77 new transcription segment5741849
THC0290_flavo-1_0018 misc_RNA 423935:424021 + A1166 B400 C121 Flavo-1 RNA5752201
THC0290_N_0252 3prime 424075:424125 - A689 B194 C49 new transcription segment5761495
THC0290_0346 THC0290_v2_0358 etfACDS 424126:425094 - A697 B197 C51 Electron transfer flavoprotein, alpha subunit5771510
THC0290_N_0253 intra 425095:425243 - A697 B197 C51 new transcription segment5781511
THC0290_0347 THC0290_v2_0359 etfBCDS 425244:425990 - A697 B197 C51 Electron transfer flavoprotein, beta subunit5791509
THC0290_0348 THC0290_v2_0360 pdhBCDS 426192:427169 + A595 B183 C44 Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component, beta subunit580957
THC0290_N_0254 intra 427170:427297 + A1552 B523 C143 new transcription segment5812800
THC0290_0349 THC0290_v2_0361 CDS 427298:429790 + A600 B183 C44 Probable outer membrane protein precursor5821094
THC0290_N_0255 intra 429791:430052 + A356 B135 C39 new transcription segment583456
THC0290_0350 THC0290_v2_0362 ppaCDS 430070:430600 + A600 B183 C44 Inorganic diphosphatase5841090
THC0290_N_0257 Rfp26indep 430687:430866 + A1686 B545 C143 new transcription segment5853091
THC0290_0351 THC0290_v2_0363 CDS 430697:431740 - A1080 B363 C107 Putative carboxypeptidase5862053
THC0290_0352 THC0290_v2_0364 dnaE/dnaQCDS 431831:436357 - A466 B169 C44 Probable DNA polymerase III, alpha and epsilon subunits587609
THC0290_N_0258 5prime 436358:436423 - A1555 B525 C143 new transcription segment5882814
THC0290_0353 THC0290_v2_0365 gene 436626:437957 - A1203 B413 C124 Divergent AAA domain protein5892258
THC0290_N_0259 5prime 437958:438171 - A1768 B546 C143 new transcription segment5903609
THC0290_0354 THC0290_v2_0366 rpbACDS 438303:438704 - A971 B307 C84 Putative RNA-binding protein RbpA5911918
THC0290_N_0260 intra 438724:438989 - A602 B183 C44 new transcription segment5921205
THC0290_0355 THC0290_v2_0367 CDS 438990:439676 - A518 B180 C44 Probable lipoprotein precursor593694
THC0290_0356 THC0290_v2_0368 rpsPCDS 439864:440406 + A562 B183 C44 30S ribosomal protein S16594831
THC0290_0357 THC0290_v2_0369 rimMCDS 440423:440947 + A600 B183 C44 16S rRNA processing protein RimM5951111
THC0290_N_0262 intra 440948:441076 + A600 B183 C44 new transcription segment5961112
THC0290_0358 THC0290_v2_0370 yfiCCDS 441077:441781 + A600 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function YfiC5971057
THC0290_N_0263 3prime-PT 441466:441936 - A1760 B546 C143 new transcription segment5983375
THC0290_N_0264 Rfp27indep 441896:442163 + A1653 B542 C143 new transcription segment5993021
THC0290_0359 THC0290_v2_0371 gcdHCDS 441970:443148 - A1 B1 C1 Glutaryl-CoA dehydrogenase6001
THC0290_N_0266 intra 443181:443281 - A596 B183 C44 new transcription segment601984
THC0290_0360 THC0290_v2_0372 gmkCDS 443282:443857 - A596 B183 C44 Guanylate kinase602983
THC0290_0361 THC0290_v2_0373 CDS 443880:444377 - A596 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function603982
THC0290_0362 THC0290_v2_0374 CDS 444402:445262 - A596 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function604981
THC0290_0363 THC0290_v2_0375 CDS 445561:446439 - A549 B181 C44 Probable drug/metabolite-transporting permease605790
THC0290_0364 THC0290_v2_0376 CDS 446432:446788 - A986 B311 C84 Probable arsenate reductase (glutaredoxin)6061941
THC0290_N_0267 5prime 446871:447017 + A1762 B546 C143 new transcription segment6073396
THC0290_0365 THC0290_v2_0378 CDS 447018:447473 + A1762 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function6083385
THC0290_N_0268 intra 447474:447645 + A1762 B546 C143 new transcription segment6093386
THC0290_flavo-1_0019 misc_RNA 447475:447550 - A1730 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA6103195
THC0290_0366 THC0290_v2_0379 CDS 447661:448809 + A1776 B546 C143 Cys/Met metabolism PLP-dependent enzyme6113802
THC0290_N_0269 3prime-PT 448689:448837 - A1795 B549 C143 new transcription segment6123859
THC0290_N_0270 3prime 448810:448861 + A1363 B469 C136 new transcription segment6132526
THC0290_N_0271 3prime 448838:448909 - A1795 B549 C143 new transcription segment6143861
THC0290_N_0272 3prime-PT 448862:449419 + A1351 B467 C136 new transcription segment6152509
THC0290_0367 THC0290_v2_0380 CDS 448910:449260 - A1795 B549 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor6163860
THC0290_0368 THC0290_v2_0382 CDS 449469:450680 - A1670 B542 C143 Probable lipoprotein precursor6173060
THC0290_0369 THC0290_v2_0383 CDS 450870:453704 - A1670 B542 C143 Probable TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor precursor6183061
THC0290_0370 THC0290_v2_0384 phoPCDS 453885:454571 + A1767 B546 C143 Two-component system response regulatory protein involved in phosphate regulation6193567
THC0290_0371 THC0290_v2_0385 phoRCDS 454572:455636 + A984 B310 C84 Two-component system sensor histidine kinase involved in phosphate regulation6201939
THC0290_0372 THC0290_v2_0386 oprPCDS 455757:457094 + A1492 B512 C143 Probable phosphate-selective porin precursor6212706
THC0290_0373 THC0290_v2_0387 pstSCDS 457114:457947 + A1492 B512 C143 ABC-type phosphate-transport system, binding protein precursor component PstS6222707
THC0290_N_0274 intra 457948:458037 + A1492 B512 C143 new transcription segment6232705
THC0290_0374 THC0290_v2_0388 pstCCDS 458038:459189 + A1492 B512 C143 ABC-type phosphate-transport system, permease component PstC6242701
THC0290_0375 THC0290_v2_0389 pstACDS 459193:460137 + A1492 B512 C143 ABC-type phosphate-transport system, permease component PstA6252702
THC0290_0376 THC0290_v2_0390 pstBCDS 460164:460922 + A1492 B512 C143 ABC-type phosphate-transport system, ATPase component PstB6262703
THC0290_0377 THC0290_v2_0391 phoUCDS 460961:461689 + A1492 B512 C143 Phosphate transport system protein PhoU6272704
THC0290_0378 THC0290_v2_0392 CDS 461753:462799 - A1401 B481 C139 Probable glycosyl transferase6282575
THC0290_0379 THC0290_v2_0393 CDS 462838:463659 - A1670 B542 C143 Protein of unknown function6293062
THC0290_0380 THC0290_v2_0394 trmBCDS 463782:464456 + A846 B256 C70 tRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase6301765
THC0290_N_0275 intra 464457:464504 + A571 B183 C44 new transcription segment631845
THC0290_0381 THC0290_v2_0395 CDS 464505:465146 + A861 B260 C70 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function. Putative amino-acid efflux protein6321785
THC0290_0382 THC0290_v2_0396 ogt2CDS 465233:465565 + A175 B63 C19 Methylated-DNA--[protein]-cysteine S-methyltransferase633217
THC0290_N_0276 3prime 465495:465656 - A162 B61 C19 new transcription segment634202
THC0290_N_0277 3prime 465566:466070 + A132 B53 C18 new transcription segment635167
THC0290_0383 THC0290_v2_0397 CDS 465657:466046 - A1766 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor6363565
THC0290_N_0278 5prime 466184:466264 + A423 B163 C44 new transcription segment637544
THC0290_0384 THC0290_v2_0398 actACDS 466265:467587 + A423 B163 C44 Alternative complex III, protein A638543
THC0290_N_0279 intra 467588:467676 + A425 B163 C44 new transcription segment639547
THC0290_0385 THC0290_v2_0399 actBCDS 467677:470706 + A601 B183 C44 Alternative complex III, protein B precursor6401191
THC0290_N_0280 intra 470707:470799 + A424 B163 C44 new transcription segment641545
THC0290_0386 THC0290_v2_0400 actCCDS 470800:472206 + A601 B183 C44 Alternative complex III, protein C6421196
THC0290_0387 THC0290_v2_0401 actDCDS 472213:472737 + A601 B183 C44 Alternative complex III, protein D6431197
THC0290_0388 THC0290_v2_0402 actECDS 472746:473291 + A601 B183 C44 Alternative complex III, protein E precursor6441195
THC0290_0389 THC0290_v2_0403 actFCDS 473317:474762 + A601 B183 C44 Alternative complex III, protein F6451193
THC0290_0390 THC0290_v2_0404 ctaCCDS 474781:475953 + A601 B183 C44 Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit II6461194
THC0290_0391 THC0290_v2_0405 ctaDCDS 475985:477790 + A601 B183 C44 Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit I6471192
THC0290_N_0281 3prime 477791:477858 + A1322 B455 C133 new transcription segment6482468
THC0290_0392 THC0290_v2_0406 CDS 477872:478558 + A1711 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor6493148
THC0290_0393 THC0290_v2_0407 CDS 478553:479161 - A142 B55 C18 Probable transmembrane protein of unknown function650181
THC0290_N_0282 3prime 478559:479025 + A1711 B546 C143 new transcription segment6513146
THC0290_0394 THC0290_v2_0408 CDS 479629:481770 + A605 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function precursor, putative S46 family serine protease6521216
THC0290_N_0283 intra 481771:481941 + A268 B96 C28 new transcription segment653351
THC0290_N_0284 Rfp28indep 481943:482257 + A1654 B542 C143 new transcription segment6543024
THC0290_0395 CDS 481952:482293 - A1413 B488 C140 Hypothetical protein6552588
THC0290_N_0285 3prime 482258:482799 + A1362 B469 C136 new transcription segment6562525
THC0290_0396 THC0290_v2_0410 CDS 482475:482840 - A1161 B397 C120 Protein of unknown function6572196
THC0290_tRNA_0008 tRNA 483382:483469 - A1769 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Leu6583763
THC0290_tRNA_0009 tRNA 483510:483585 - A1769 B546 C143 transfer RNA-Gly6593765
THC0290_0397 THC0290_v2_0412 mutSCDS 483724:486324 - A595 B183 C44 DNA mismatch repair protein MutS660953
THC0290_0398 THC0290_v2_0413 CDS 486474:486992 + A1618 B535 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor6612924
THC0290_N_0289 3prime 486993:487056 + A1333 B461 C133 new transcription segment6622483
THC0290_0399 THC0290_v2_0414 CDS 487057:487605 + A1753 B546 C143 Probable tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase6633351
THC0290_0400 THC0290_v2_0415 CDS 487602:488744 - A52 B28 C13 Probable bifunctional protein : 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6-hydroxymethyldihydropteridine diphosphokinase and deoxynucleoside kinase66459
THC0290_N_0290 3prime 487606:488796 + A1644 B540 C143 new transcription segment6652987
THC0290_N_0291 5prime 488798:488867 + A851 B256 C70 new transcription segment6661771
THC0290_0401 THC0290_v2_0416 sppACDS 488868:490631 + A1395 B479 C139 Protease IV (signal peptide peptidase)6672569
THC0290_0402 THC0290_v2_0417 CDS 490800:493382 + A1260 B422 C125 Outer membrane protein precursor, AsmA family6682390
THC0290_N_0292 3prime 493173:493641 - A196 B70 C21 new transcription segment669243
THC0290_N_0293 3prime 493383:493951 + A1262 B422 C125 new transcription segment6702395
THC0290_0403 THC0290_v2_0418 CDS 493642:494436 - A1768 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function6713673
THC0290_N_0294 5prime 494437:494488 - A1552 B523 C143 new transcription segment6722805
THC0290_0404 THC0290_v2_0419 CDS 494527:495138 + A76 B35 C14 Protein of unknown function67387
THC0290_0405 THC0290_v2_0420 CDS 495160:496668 + A558 B183 C44 Protein of unknown function674819
THC0290_N_0295 3prime 496366:496703 - A280 B102 C28 new transcription segment675363
THC0290_0406 THC0290_v2_0421 kdtA (waaA)CDS 496704:497933 - A505 B177 C44 3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic-acid transferase676674
THC0290_N_0296 5prime 498014:498078 + A334 B125 C35 new transcription segment677434
THC0290_0407 THC0290_v2_0422 porRCDS 498079:499212 + A595 B183 C44 PorR protein, probably involved in biosynthesis of cell surface polysaccharide678951
THC0290_N_0297 intra 499213:499323 + A101 B45 C16 new transcription segment679124
THC0290_flavo-1_0020 misc_RNA 499225:499296 - A1765 B546 C143 Flavo-1 RNA6803485
THC0290_0408 THC0290_v2_0423 galECDS 499324:500355 + A601 B183 C44 UDP-glucose 4-epimerase6811140
THC0290_N_0298 3prime-PT 500352:500565 - A1760 B546 C143 new transcription segment6823376
THC0290_N_0299 3prime 500356:500589 + A566 B183 C44 new transcription segment683837
THC0290_0409 THC0290_v2_0424 CDS 500600:500857 - A1613 B535 C143 Hypothetical lipoprotein precursor6842905
THC0290_N_0301 intra 500882:501008 - A609 B183 C44 new transcription segment6851279
THC0290_0410 THC0290_v2_0425 fabDCDS 501009:501881 - A609 B183 C44 Malonyl CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase6861282
THC0290_N_0303 intra 501925:502073 - A587 B183 C44 new transcription segment687920
THC0290_flavo-1_0021 misc_RNA 501979:502060 - A587 B183 C44 Flavo-1 RNA688919
THC0290_0411 THC0290_v2_0426 CDS 502074:502397 - A386 B147 C41 Hypothetical protein precursor689494
THC0290_0412 CDS 502402:502551 - A386 B147 C41 Hypothetical protein690495
THC0290_0413 THC0290_v2_0428 purTCDS 502554:503726 - A587 B183 C44 Phosphoribosylglycinamide formyltransferase 2691918
THC0290_flavo-1_0022 misc_RNA 503756:503830 + A1544 B522 C143 Flavo-1 RNA6922787
THC0290_0414 THC0290_v2_0429 aspC1CDS 503894:505081 - A605 B183 C44 Probable aspartate transaminase AspC16931245
THC0290_0415 THC0290_v2_0430 CDS 505149:506246 - A1417 B489 C140 Fatty acid desaturase6942599
THC0290_0416 THC0290_v2_0431 gidBCDS 506352:506981 + A1760 B546 C143 Methyltransferase GidB6953370
THC0290_N_0304 3prime 506982:507043 + A1552 B523 C143 new transcription segment6962806
THC0290_0417 THC0290_v2_0432 pruACDS 507058:508683 - A227 B83 C25 1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenase697292
THC0290_N_0306 5prime 508684:508742 - A1051 B346 C102 new transcription segment6982016
THC0290_flavo-1_0023 misc_RNA 509305:509448 + A1288 B434 C126 Flavo-1 RNA6992426
THC0290_0418 THC0290_v2_0434 apaGCDS 509450:509836 - A1702 B546 C143 Protein ApaG7003120
THC0290_0419 THC0290_v2_0435 CDS 509904:511157 - A1748 B546 C143 Protein of unknown function precursor7013314
THC0290_0420 THC0290_v2_0436 CDS 511214:511990 - A600 B183 C44 Probable methyltransferase7021052
THC0290_0421 THC0290_v2_0437 CDS 511991:512515 - A471 B170 C44 Hypothetical protein703619
THC0290_0422 THC0290_v2_0438 CDS 512508:513815 - A471 B170 C44 Protein of unknown function704620
THC0290_N_0307 intra 513830:513903 - A461 B168 C44 new transcription segment705600
THC0290_0423 THC0290_v2_0439 mapCDS 513904:514722 - A1569 B528 C143 Methionine aminopeptidase7062837
THC0290_0424 THC0290_v2_0440 CDS 514770:516161 - A1719 B546 C143 Probable outer membrane efflux protein precursor7073167
THC0290_0425 THC0290_v2_0441 CDS 516165:517523 - A1719 B546 C143 Probable ABC-type transport system, membrane fusion efflux protein component7083168
THC0290_0426 THC0290_v2_0442 CDS 517529:519190 - A1719 B546 C143 Probable ABC-type transport system, ATPase and permease components7093169
THC0290_0427 THC0290_v2_0443 CDS 519196:519870 - A1719 B546 C143 Probable transcriptional regulator, TetR family7103166
THC0290_0428 THC0290_v2_0444 cat2CDS 520020:521288 + A1108 B371 C109 4-hydroxybutyrate coenzyme A transferase7112135
THC0290_0429 THC0290_v2_0445 CDS 521589:522020 + A1509 B519 C143 Hypothetical transmembrane protein7122728
THC0290_N_0309 3prime 522021:522213 + A1509 B519 C143 new transcription segment7132729
THC0290_N_0310 3prime-PT 522214:522414 + A771 B233 C66 new transcription segment7141656
THC0290_0430 THC0290_v2_0447 CDS 522415:524397 + A1765 B546 C143 Cation-transporting ATPase, P-type7153539
THC0290_N_0311 intra 524398:524889 + A1765 B546 C143 new transcription segment7163534
THC0290_miscRNA_0002 misc_RNA 524890:524985 + A1765 B546 C143 TPP riboswitch [THI element]7173484
THC0290_N_0312 intra 524986:525051 + A729 B209 C54 new transcription segment7181595
THC0290_0431 THC0290_v2_0448 thiSCDS 525052:525258 + A730 B209 C54 Thiamine biosynthesis protein ThiS7191598
THC0290_N_0313 intra 525259:525356 + A730 B209 C54 new transcription segment7201599
THC0290_0432 THC0290_v2_0449 thiCCDS 525357:527180 + A730 B209 C54 Thiamine biosynthesis protein ThiC7211597
THC0290_N_0314 intra 527181:527231 + A728 B209 C54 new transcription segment7221590
THC0290_0433 THC0290_v2_0450 thiE1CDS 527232:527831 + A728 B209 C54 Thiamine-phosphate diphosphorylase7231589
THC0290_0434 THC0290_v2_0451 thiDCDS 527804:528562 + A728 B209